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18 reasons why you need chatbots in your dealership.

Chatbots are becoming an essential part of car dealers' digital toolkits. But what benefits (beyond the generic "Improve customer engagement and satisfaction" or "Improving lead generation" declarations) can they practically bring?

Smart chatbots can help you to:

  • Sell more cars, parts, accessories and services

  • Future-proof sales operations

  • Save money

Here are a few examples in each bucket:

Sell more cars, parts, accessories and services.

1. Use real-time personalisation based on customers' preferences and interaction history to sell more cars, parts, accessories and services

2. Deliver targeted and personalised promotions

3. Steer customers towards website functionality proven to increase conversion rates

4. Provide recommendations and reassurances during critical decision points on the buying journey

5. Pro-actively engage and supports customers struggling to complete a task

6. Generate more leads by actively promoting real-time trade-in evaluations or finance quotes

7. Improve leads quality by providing more relevant information online further down the sales conversion funnel

8. Better qualify leads by asking relevant questions and suggesting the best (most converting) next action

Future-proof your sales operations.

9. Track purchasing patterns, understand your customers better and improve segmentation and marketing

10. Collect data to identify emerging trends, raising demands and recurring issues

11. Collect feedback directly from customers

12. Generate content-improvement ideas for product content and FAQs

13. Offload repetitive and straightforward tasks to chatbots and re-focus human agents from customer support to sales support

14. Deliver consistent brand message, tone of voice and quality of responses

15. Create customers' profiles to save conversations, recommendations and content and deliver follow-up actions

Save you money.

16. Decrease the size of the call centre team and save money on agents' training, salaries, retention programs and incentives and call centre infrastructure

17. Serve more customers in parallel and handle more requests without additional costs

18. Resolve issues faster by automatically triaging issues and allocating them to agents with matching personalities, experiences and skills

The problem is that the list is quite chunky, and each point can represent a project on its own.

That's why you shouldn't try to implement them all at once.
Select one or a few most beneficial (or most feasible) scenarios, implement these, test, learn, improve and move on to the next few.

In this way, you will significantly improve your chances of delivering something that works, brings visible business benefits quickly, and reduces the risks of wasting time and money.

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