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The Agency Model: Restoring dignity in car purchase

The Agency Model: Restoring dignity in car purchase

Recently, I came across an article on AM-Online, discussing how only a third of car buyers bother to negotiate a car's price.

Now, this leaves us with the remaining two-thirds who wouldn't even consider it, mostly because it makes them feel awkward and they'd rather avoid any conflict and risk upsetting the dealer.

But here's the problem! While they're busy being polite, they're missing out on an average savings of £900, an amount that the assertive first third manages to save! It's enough to make anyone feel like a complete schmuck, isn't it?

It seems like the automotive industry is the only one that's designed to make two-thirds of its customers feel like fools. The sooner we reach a point where the price you see is the price you pay, the better place the world will be.

And that's the hidden beauty of the "agency model" - it's not just about lining car manufacturers' pockets, but also about restoring a bit of customer dignity! It's about giving the non-negotiators a chance to feel a little less daft in the process!


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