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Understanding the Subconscious Mind's Role in Decision Making

Understanding the Subconscious Mind's Role in Decision Making

Dive into the depths of our minds, and you'll stumble upon the mysterious subconsciousness. This mighty force quietly dictates over 90% of our choices, secretly pulling the strings in the background.

However, it's not the most active part of our brain. When faced with unfamiliar or challenging facts, it tends to shrug them off, preferring to stay within its sleepy zone.

Take the famous "0% APR" as an example. At first glance, it may appear enticing, but its true meaning is lost without context. Compared to what? What's the usual APR for a brand-new car? How about a used vehicle? Instead of embarking on an exhaustive online search for these answers, our subconscious mind simply ignores the message altogether.

Now, instead of the vague 0% APR, imagine it as "Save £570 a year" or any other specific amount that applies. Suddenly, that abstract idea becomes a tangible and measurable advantage. Our brain no longer needs to perform mental acrobatics; it effortlessly envisions using those yearly savings for a delightful weekend getaway or indulging in a sleek new phone!

Don't overwhelm people with complex information; present it in a way our subconsciousness can easily understand and process without waking up from its slumber!


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